The Sherpa Stone Story

About the Owners

Established in 2003, Sherpa Stone is the result of a long time partnership between master fabricator Ngima Sherpa and business leader, former grant maker and entrepreneur Patricia Garcia.

Ngima Sherpa, born in the Himalayan region of Nepal, arrived in Santa Fe in 1996.  Working with stone for over 20 years in the Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado Region, Mr. Sherpa has earned the respect of numerous builders, architects, designers and homeowners.   Mr. Sherpa brings all of his knowledge to each and every project regardless of it’s size and is always willing to assist the client with ensuring the proposed plan is ideal for the intended result.

With a safety record that is unmatched in the industry, Mr. Sherpa’s attention to detail and quality takes second place only to safety.  Injured at another company in 2002, Mr. Sherpa determined it was time to find another way to make a living.

Ms. Garcia met Mr. Sherpa previous to his being injured.   When Mr. Sherpa became injured he approached Ms. Garcia for advice.   Upon discussing the possibility for Mr. Sherpa’s future, Ms. Garcia and Mr. Sherpa determined it was time for a new stone fabrication shop in Santa Fe.

Sherpa Stone was born on March 18, 2003.  Since then thousands of homeowners, builders, architects, and designers have benefit from the partnership between the two.

Mr. Sherpa resides in Santa Fe with his wife of 25 years, also from Nepal, their eldest daughter who attends college focusing on fashion design, and their twin daughters born in 2012.

Ms. Garcia, a native Santa Fean, currently mentors several women business owners under the age of 25 and continues to provide support to numerous non-profits in the region through her philanthropic activities.

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Sherpa Stone LLC, established in 2003 by owners Ngima Sherpa and Patricia Garcia, adheres to a code of ethics that embraces a high standard of professionalism. Licensed, bonded and insured, the company seeks to satisfy our clients, be they homeowners, contractors, builders, architects or design professionals.

As members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Kitchen and Bath Association we actively strive to promote a spirit of cooperation within the industry.

As members we work constantly to assist in the education and product knowledge of our firm's clients before, during and after the installation.

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