Sherpa Stone


Sherpa Stone is Santa Fe’s and the surrounding areas’s top provider for both DSC00109new fabricated stone countertops and services relate to the restoration, care and maintenance of existing countertops. The company serves individual homeowners, architects, designers and builders. The company invites you to review the services offered by the company and then call 505-473-2237 to make an appointment or to ask for a quote.


Sherpa Stone LLC is a full service stone company.   Below is a list of additional services we provide.

Information and Education –

Turnkey Services –

Removal and Disposal –

Retrofitting –

Restoration –

Chip Repairs –

Custom Designs –

Fabrication and Installation of Natural and Engineered Stone –

Broken Stone Repair –

Restoration of Antique Stone –

Sink Retrofits –

Drilling holes in existing countertops –

Restoration and repair of natural and engineered stone products –

Removal and re-installation of existing countertops to allow repair due to water damage etc –

Retrofitting of countertops due to purchase of new stove or sink etc –

Custom bases for stone sculptures –

Chip Repair –


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