Sherpa Stone is adamant that quality service is primary.  Sherpa Stone is a member of the Better Business Bureau and we encourage our clients to write reviews of their experience at Angie’s List.  Please read below to see what the company’s clients have said about Sherpa Stone.

Dear Patricia,
We would like to thank you and highly professional team led by Ngima for completing our project in such a timely and efficient manner. I had entertained little hope that our kitchen had a potential to be transformed into a pleasing space.  Mesquite was the ideal choice of stone and Sherpa was the ideal choice of contractor.  We have just picked out our back splash.  I will send you photos of our completed project. Sincerely,
Irina G - (02.11.19)

Everything looks great so far. I want you to know that I put my arm around Ngima, with the loud saw in the background, and told him in front of Linda, that of all the people who have worked on this job site over the last ten months, that Ngima is my favorite. He is the most professional, most skilled, most personable, most easy to talk to, most anxious to do a good job, of ALL the many dozens of workers who have been here. You are fortunate to have such a good partner!
Joe T - (01.14.2019)

Dear Patricia and Ngima,
This note is long overdue. Duane and I want to express our appreciation to both of you for the exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship. We are very happy with our counter tops and with the recent repairs, the damage is much less noticeable.  Thank you for all your work!

Thank you also for the incredible basket of gifts!! The birds in Santa Fe are beautiful and they were one of the first things I noticed upon arriving last summer. Now I can work on identifying and learning all about them! Really an awesome gift! Thank you very much!

We have and will continue to recommend Sherpa Stone. Wishing you a wonderful holiday, good health, and continued success in the coming year! Warmest Regards,
Sarah and Duane. S - (12.14.18)

Dear Patricia,
By now I have spoken to you either by phone or in person of the changes that will take place at the Palacio Azul job site come December 31st of this year and my subsequent department from Santa Fe. You may have also received a letter from Zydeco where they introduce themselves and address their desire for your continued involvement with the project as well as your cooperation during and after transition phase. I would also ask you to continue providing the excellent skilled workmanship that you have in the past. It is my desire that the transition will be smooth and that the project continues toward completion with the same quality that has been provided to the owner over the past 5 years. It is with all sincerity that I thank you for your help in making the Palacio Azul project the quality development that is. I know and appreciate the fact that it would not have achieved the quality without your important contribution. I wish you and your company all the best in the future. Thanks again.
R Seitzinger CSI CDT - (11.19.2018)

Hi Patricia. I just want to tell you how much I respect Ngima's craft and expertise. It was inspiring watching him with the templating last evening. It took more time than either of us thought, and despite the late hour, his energy and devotion to detail never seemed to lag.

This whole experience has been a very satisfying one, to say the least! I’m really looking forward to seeing everything in place. So, thanks again for all your help.
Ron. R - (08.30.2018)</strong

Dear Patricia, Ngima, and crew,
In this day and age it is rare to find a company that goes the extra mile to meet customer expectations. Sherpa Stone is a shining example of such a company. We are absolutely thrilled with our new soapstone countertops.

We did a complete kitchen remodel 10 months ago and made a poor choice for our countertops. They were difficult to maintain and left us short of having the dream kitchen we had envisioned. Clearly the choice was ours, nonetheless, we were unhappy with our choice. We decided to bite the bullet and made the decision to replace the counters with soapstone, a stone we had in one of our previous homes. A web search led us to Sherpa Stone and thus began a wonderful experience with a great company.

Patricia came to our house for a consultation and worked with us to find the most affordable solution for our new counters. It was obvious that she was an advocate for us, the paying customer, and offered suggestions that brought the cost in line with our budget. Ngima came out to make the templates and allowed us the privilege of hearing his life story about his journey from Nepal to Santa Fe. Both Patricia and Ngima made us feel as though we were partners in this countertop adventure.

What a thrill it was to pick out the slab and be involved in the template placement to achieve the look we desired. To be involved in this part of the project was a new experience and one that deepened our feeling of being more than customers. The end product was truly going to be of our design and desire.

Our kitchen was was a difficult retrofit as we had a very expensive and fragile handmade tile backsplash that needed to be preserved. The installation crew painstakingly removed the old counters and embedded stone without damaging the tile. They were talented and obviously craftsman in their own right. The installation required onsite adjustments which were made with precision and above all the crew was very careful to be neat and clean. When they left there was not a trace of dirt or debris, only beautiful new counters.

We want to thank everyone involved in our kitchen re-remodel. We will highly recommend Sherpa Stone to anyone who is contemplating new countertops. Each and every employee is talented and the craftsmanship is beyond compare. Thank you for allowing us to be partners in creating our dream kitchen. With admiration for a job well done,
Jamie and Shirley. G - (04.11.18)

Dear Patricia,
The limestone table is magnificent and it truly hasn't looked so pretty in its 30 years here at the house! Ngima is a master and his many patient hours, skill and level of perfection have brought the table back to life and it is spectacular, a real jewel. Thank you!
Kim (12.11.2017)

Thanks so much for your donation of the incredible, gorgeous soapstone kitchen island counter. Quite the upgrade for our Zen Kitchen! Perfect color.

It inspired me to deep clean the kitchen to "bring it up to snuff" with the soapstone.

Everyone has been enjoying its beauty. I keep finding people rubbing their hands over its smoothness. Blessings to you.
Sandy. A for Mountain Cloud Zen Center (Nov 2017)

I just finished applying wax to our new soapstone counters for the first time. WOW! They're stunning! We absolutely love the rich, organic look and feel of them. We sincerely appreciate your expert advice and recommendations, Patricia, and Ngima and his crew could not have done a better, more timely job. 5 Star product and service!
Alison. M and Mick. S

Well, your boys did it again!
The guest house kitchen and bathroom stone looks great. You and Ngima should be real proud of the attention to detail and professionalism your guys have. They also spent the last hour cleaning up, which not all contractors do as you know.

Thanks again and please pass my thanks along to the guys who were here. - Jim

Hi Patricia,
Lets do it! You have been so professional and pleasant to work with. I haven't received my other estimate yet, but I feel so much more confident that Sherpa will get this project beautiful with all of the challenges. I'll sign the paperwork and drop off later today.
Thank you. - Amy

"Simply a thank you call. Glad we worked into your schedule, but especially thank you for the restoration Ngima has done on our stone. We feel like it's new again. He always leaves us with hints on how to care for it better. It's a good program to be on your care system. I can't emphasize how much we appreciate Ngima's work. Thank you again..."
Annette. S (Los Alamos)

Dear Patricia,
... and Red Shimmer counter tops!

Thank you so much for your expertise and efficiency in seeing that the job was completed on time and the results so beautiful. Ngima and his crew did a fine job, and both of you were courteous and steady even when I was not. (I don't know who that rude person was, but it wasn't the normal me!)

Every morning I smile when I see my beautiful red kitchen. I could not be happier with it. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your understanding; willingness to help resolve this issue. I truly appreciate all that you have done. If you ever need anything that I could help with please ask. I would also be willing to provide recommendations if you ever need them.
Blessings - Letitia

Thank you for the beautiful job you did refinishing our countertop. The job is outstanding. A wonderful example of superior workmenship. We really appreciate the result. - Letitia and John/

Many thanks for your assistance with our tile order! It was a Big Help! - Clint & De

Many many thanks for all your help! I especially appreciate your going to look at the back splash tile - really put my mind at ease. Thank you! - Jodie & Mike

Dear Patricia & Ngima,
Thank you so much for the beautiful stone counters. As we do the bathrooms over the years, I 'm looking forward to having those done by you. Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year - Martha. Q/

Dear Patricia and Ngima,
The granite is beautiful and we're thrilled with it. As much as I loved the Mascarello, the fabrader antigue is definetely me! Thank you so much for your help and your patience!! Sincerely, - Marilyn. M

To All at Sherpa Stone,
Thank you for all the work on my lovely new surfaces. They are all beautiful. I haven't seen the final affect of the new master bathroom counter tops and window sill - the other work is still 2-3 weeks from being done. However, I know they'll be stunning.

I've been taking pictures of the remodel process in the master bath - Let me know if you'd like to see any of the photos once it's all done.
Regards - Kathy. L

"I want to tell you how  much we enjoyed working with you and Ngima. Your crew was extraordinary they way they worked. I will recommend you to the world! Thank you again!" - Frank. K - Santa Fe..

Thank you Patricia. The slab looks great.  - Annie. O

As always, it looks great... Thank you so much! - Trey. J

As before, the stonework is of exceptional quality. It was a particular pleasure to meet Nigma, watch his caulking magic & hear about a bit of his background. - Best wishes Jonathan & Louise (10.17.16)

Dear Patricia,
I just want you to know that your efforts to help with various projects have been greatly appreciated. Sometimes good advice about what not to do is just as valuable as a quick solution - or even more so. Your aesthetic sense and practical experience have been a great help. Thank you ! - Maijana. L

Thanks for all your advice and professional help. - Leslee

Dear Patricia,
Thank you so much for your generous gift to Mountain Cloud. The countertop is beautiful & has transformed our kitchen. It is much admired by all! We much appreciate your kindness, and send our most sincere thanks. On behalf of the Board and especially all our cooks and volunteers. Most gracefully,
Rachel. B - Mountain Cloud Zen Center. (01.19.2018)

Dear Patricia,
Oh my god! It looks gorgeous. Absolutely perfect. We love it. Thank you for working with our schedule. - Cathe and Craig

Thank you Patricia, The professionalism and quality of your team was fantastic. Have a good summer! - Eileen. W (June 20, 2016)

Patricia and Ngima, thank you again. We love it. - Mark and Danna. N

Paticia and Ngima,
Thanks for the great countertops. We love them! Everyone who sees them loves them too!  - Ashley

The more I live with the new counters the more I love them. I really feel the quality of the fabrication is just unbelievably nice. I am so happy with my choice and you have been easy to work with. Ngima could not have been nicer as well as the other Installers. So I appreciated very much all the work you did on my behalf. Thank you.
Joyce - Sept. 2015

What a treat visiting with you this morning at Sherpa Stone! And then you added to that by gifting us the soapstone piece we offered and are using as a top on a funky little table (the base is from France). Acts of kindness in this day and age are most special. Carolyn and I thank you all.

Wendi: Sherpa Stone... "rocks" ... as our kids say! But, you know that! Thank you again Patricia. All the Best.
Jim and Carolyn (08.20.2015)

Dear Patricia,
I cannot tell you how thrilled Phil and I are with your new counters. They are gorgeous and I thank you so much for all you did to get them made in such and expedited fashion. We got home in time to talk with your partner and tell him the same thing. He is darling! I will stop by soon and give you a hug as well!
Q - June 2015

Dear Patricia,
The tops look great, we can send pictures once the kitchen is complete. It was fascinating to watch Ngima and his crew doing the installation, an excellent job.
Tony and Deb (04.22.15)

Ngima + Patricia,
We couldn't be more pleased! The counters are tremendous. Your products, services & response to our schedule were all very professional and will be appreciated for many, many years. Thank you so much.
Bob. N - March 2015 [ I totally agree : ) Peggy. N ]

How rare and delightful for something to cost less than estimated! But the most wonderful part is how fair, reliable and excellent everything from Sherpa has always been. I know I'm in good hands and never worry when you and Ngima are on the case. This new counter top makes us SO happy!

I will definitely go to Angie's list to leave a heartfelt review. Thank you so much.
Joyce - March 2015

Hi Patricia,
I just wanted you to thank you for finding my studio kitchen sink and helping accommodate our renovation. Every day I use it I am grateful you didn't compromise and found the perfect sink to go with the countertop. We all love having a better space to make our lunch and have tea/coffee. Bests for the New Year!
Ramona - February 2015

Good Morning Patricia,
The countertop looks great and you cannot tell it was removed and later re-installed. Thank you!
Klaus. V - May 2014

Hi there,
Yes, Jim wrote and told me that they were finished and that they look fabulous! He is indeed very happy, so thank you!! It is always a pleasure to work with you all, which I always recommend you. I look forward to more work together on Costello. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
Steffany. H , ASID, NMLID 284 - Nov. 25, 2013

The countertops look wonderful and have completely transformed my living area! It's truly remarkable. Thank you so much for your design ideas and support through the process. I also want to say how much I enjoyed working with Cedric and want to thank you again for connecting me with him and his company. I will definitely be following up with Kate at Homewise and letting her know how much I enjoyed working with you and the quality and integrity i your work. I hope this will lead to more referrals from their clients in the future. Best Regards.
Robin (August 12, 2013) 

Hi Patricia,
Sheryl and I want to thank you again for taking the time today to show us our slabs and the layout of the templates for fabricating them into our counter tops. It was also very helpful to be able to see the entire piece, on a flat surface and under inside lighting conditions - it really is a beautiful piece of stone.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished products. Thanks again.
Sheryl (04.02.14)

Ngima's creations are wonderful. He is truly a talent. Susan. W (09.25.13)

Thank you for the beautiful service Sherpa offered. You and  Ngima are such gems and it was an honor to work with both of you.  The work by Ngima today was perfect. Many blessings to you and Ngima.
Steven Perley, August 2013

Patricia was extremely helpful in selecting stones and choosing fabrication details. Ngima installed the stone to perfection having managed all fabrication details.
Genevieve. D, July 2013

Hi Patricia,
I just wanted you to know that Dave and I were in Santa Fe last weekend, and we were very pleased with the vanity top. You did a very good job. Thank you.
Rebecca, July 2013

Dear Patricia,
Thanks for the business cards which is magnificent - never seen one so excellent and beautiful. I look at my table & see that sumptuous mountain. Yes, I adore my table, love the round corner & are enjoying it greatly. Best cheers.
Susie. S, July 2013

Hi Patricia,
Every day we discover a beautiful pattern in the rainforest. I'll let you know when the counter is ready for photos. Many thanks for all your additional work.
Joanne, April 9, 2013

Just got a first look at the studio counter top. It is extraordinary given the challenges you had. Our compliments to you and your team. Thanks for the special effort.
Monica. F, Nov. 10, 2012

Hey Patricia,
We got home late last night and it was so nice to see the wonderful job Ngima and his crew did. It looks really lovely, everyone has commented on how nicely the veins all match up. Thank you so much. Thanks again. You will need a picture.
Danna and Mark (04.08.2013)

Hi Patricia,
Your view and values show....I see my  home as sacred as well, and appreciate the way you hold your work. Thank you again. All Best for you and your families.
Dianne - Aug. 6, 2012

Thank you for all your help.
Gilbert and Christine - July 16, 2012

Hi Patricia,
Just want you to know what a great job Ngima and his crew did today. They are fabulous!! Ngima did such an exceptional installation. Also, the 45 degree seam was definitely the right decision.

We are very happy with our Shivakashi choice. Thanks for your help in the selection of the slabs at Arizona. Your assistance every step of the way was invaluable to us. Please tell Ngima and his crew thanks for the again for the wonderful job!
Bettie and Jeff - March 2012

I highly recommend Sherpa Stone. I typically only ever use Sherpa.  They do a fantastic install, show up when they say they’re going to be there and Patricia offers great customer services. She will take good care of you.
Jamie. S   March 2012

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